Mockingbird lane

Say what? Another NBC series bites the dust before audiences even taste a single episode. There will be no Mockingbird Lane, my friends. Shall we have a moment of silence?

In case you missed it Mockingbird Lane was the buzz worthy Munsters reboot. I thought the cast was shaping up to be pretty cool, as was the promo art. I’m surprised by this turn of events. Had NBC picked up the series, Jerry O’Connell would have played Herman Munster and Portia de Rossi would have acted as his wife, Lily. Charity Wakefield was cast as Marilyn Munster, Lilly’s niece, who is pretty normal, and therefore a black sheep in the family. Mason Cook would have played Eddie Munster, the werewolf, with Eddie Izzard as Grandpa.

The bad news came from the horse’s mouth, so to speak, when creator and executive producer, Mr. Bryan Fuller Tweeted. He said, “I tweet with a heavy heart. NBC not moving forward with #MockingbirdLane. From producers and cast, thank you all for enthusiasm and support.” Deadline reported the announcement. Fuller is known for creating Dead Like Me and Pushing Daisies.

Bryan Singer would have directed the pilot. Singer is a relatively big name in my opinion. He directed two episodes of Fox medical drama, House, but is best known for the X-Men movie and The Usual Suspects.

This isn’t the first time a big project like this has fizzled and it won’t be the last. Boomtron faithful will remember way back to 2011 when NBC cast Adrianne Palicki to play Wonder Woman for writer and producer David E. Kelley. The series died before we could give it a try. This was after show runners changed the super heroine’s pants for us, due to viral speculation across the web. Ah well. Perhaps we should start a movement to get Netflix interested in picking up Mockingbird Lane?