I probably should have noticed this a long time ago, but it’s starting to dawn on me the CW has pretty much lost all interest in original ideas. If you’ve been following the current development cycle, you likely noticed the majority of the projects the younger-skewing network has been looking at are all based on well known intellectual properties: a Wonder Woman origin story, a contemporary take on Alice in Wonderland, and a Sleepy Hollow reboot. And what was the latest contender to enter the development arena? A script based on the legendary Robin Hood. My enthusiasm for this idea has not been roused.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, the CW gave a script commitment for their Robin Hood project, called Sherwood, with Tze Chun on writing duties. It will be set in 1072 England and follow a noblewoman as she attempts to free her serf boyfriend, who was wrongfully imprisoned by Norman occupiers. She seeks out Robin of Locksley and unintentionally reunites Robin Hood and his Merry Men, bringing a new hope to Nottingham. It’s being developed with CBS Television Studios with Dan Jinks as executive producer. The series will be aimed toward women, making it a counterpart to the more male-appealing Arrow.

I get that it has become increasingly hard to find truly original ideas for television series, but I think the CW is starting to get a little out of hand. Just because it’s had success with adaptations like The Vampire Diaries and Arrow – another series about an archer – doesn’t mean it will work every time. Yes, you can argue there are built in audiences for adaptations, but let’s be honest: they fail just as often as original ideas. Plus, this isn’t even the only Robin Hood series being developed! NBC is working on their own series, called Hood, which will re-imagine Robin Hood as an Iraq War veteran running around New York as an outlaw.