It would seem the CW has a bit of an obsession with The Hunger Games, or at least the popularity surrounding the brand. Recently, the network put in orders for two new reality shows, one of which is very clearly inspired by Hunger Games, while the other… isn’t at all, so we’ll deal with that one right out of the gate. It’s a dating game show called The Perfect Score and two friends compete to pick their ideal mate. It’s boring and not worth getting in to. The other show, The Hunt, has a little more bite to it.

It may be an idea blatantly based on an already established property, but so was Survivor when it was first developed – remember Cast Away? Now, Survivor can hardly be compared to that Tom Hanks movie as the idea of playing the game has taken over the idea of surviving. With The Hunt we have twelve teams – as opposed to the twelve tributes of Hunger Games – left to fend for themselves in the wilderness: no food, no water and no shelter says EW. All they’ll have is their own physicality and whatever survival skills they happen to already have. Hopefully someone will know how to hunt.

The details are scarce as to how they win – something about capturing one another – but the competition lasts a whole month and there is a cash prize. At the top of this story I said the CW has an obsession with Hunger Games, but does one series really mean the network is obsessed? Well, a drama series has been in development that is very Hunger Games-esque, called The Selection, and the network has shown interest in adapting the Japanese cult film Battle Royale, which shares a similar plot to The Hunger Games. That makes for three potential series all trying to catch the eyes of several million already established fans. Personally, I think The Hunt sounds kind of cool, and the fact that it’s a reality series at least sets it apart.