The Office

The Office has endured for 9 seasons! Through all of the laughs and the changes, basketball has often been a feature in the NBC charmer. It’s coming up again and this time in a very big way. Get ready for a guest appearance from Julius “Dr. J” Erving.

In fresh photos from EW, fans can preview Dr. J having a friendly chat with John Krasinski’s Jim Halpert, and then challenging him to some hoops. Jim rolls up his sleeves for the once in a life time event.

Erving is a basketball Hall of Famer. He will be playing himself when he guest stars on The Office. It isn’t all fun and games that brings Erving to the court. In the upcoming episode, Dr. J considers investing in the sports marketing business that Jim fights to launch in Philadelphia. Erving fans know Philly was Erving’s stomping ground back when he was still a 76er. Though now 62-years-old, Dr. J still has the moves.

Erving was on a very different set recently. He appeared in the Lifetime remake of Steel Magnolias which aired last fall. His episode of The Office is scheduled for Jan. 17 on NBC. It’s titled “Suit Warehouse”.

Have you been keeping up with The Office? Josh Groban was another guest star this season. Acclaimed actor Bryan Cranston has been a guest director this season and so has John Krasinski himself.

The Office
star Rainn Wilson was in the news recently when NBC passed on a spin-off which would have featured him as its star. The proposed new series was called The Farm. It would have followed Dwight as he left work at The Office to return home to run his family’s business which happens to be a beet farm and bed and breakfast. Funny? Yes. But NBC execs thought it would have too narrow an appeal. They don’t seem to think a broad audience would continue to watch Dwight’s antics away from his desk.

The Office

Image Credit: Colleen Hayes/NBC