I don’t think any show was hotter in 2012 than The Walking Dead over at the AMC network. Can the new series called Horizon be just as beloved? Horizon is also considered a genre series. The USA network has ordered up the pilot and it will be delivered by executive producer Gale Anne Hurd, who happens to be on the production team of, you guessed it, zombie series, The Walking Dead.

Horizon follows an American FBI secretary of the WWII era who discovers that her husband may have been killed by an alien spacecraft while he was fighting in the South Pacific. As if WWII weren’t perilous enough without E.T.s getting involved! Not unlike a certain Mr. Mulder, the woman becomes driven, consequences be damned, to uncover the truth.

Horizon‘s logline suggests that our heroine “becomes the only person standing between Earth and an alien invasion.” Cue the dramatic music please! I’ve got to say that I’m hopeful about this pilot. Hurd has the experience from working on The Walking Dead to help make a hit. X-Files and Falling Skies fans will probably tune in. The premise could draw history buffs as well. I see a lot of places the plot could go. Strong writers and a great female lead are all that’s missing now.

Hurd will executive produce the hour-long dram also with writer and co-executive producer Bridget Tyler of Burn Notice, reported EW.

Horizon is our first genre piece since The 4400 and the first ever period drama for the network,” USA network co-presidents Jeff Wachtel and Chris McCumber said. “This signals the next step in the evolution of our programming brand.” Right on!

When the fall season of The Walking Dead ended, viewership for that Sunday night made for higher ratings among people aged 18 to 49 than any show on the broadcast networks. That means, overall, more people watch The Walking Dead on AMC than they do shows like The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and The Voice. The show’s finale averaged about 10.5 million viewers. I’m sure USA would like to draw similar numbers.