In just a couple of months, The Walking Dead will be returning to AMC with the back half of its third season and if we’re to take the cast at their word then things are only going to get more intense as the war between the prison and Woodbury heats up. We have two videos for you today that will shed some light on what’s to come when The Walking Dead resumes with “The Suicide King.” The first video is a clip from the beginning on the episode, while the second is a more a general look at the final eight episodes of the season, with the cast and crew getting into the specific journey’s of each character.

Our clip from “The Suicide King” shows Merle and Daryl still surrounded by a vicious crowd of Woodbury citizens, the Governor pacing around them. The chants of “kill them!” are still carrying through the air while Andrea fights her way forward. She tries to beg to for Daryl’s life because they’re friends, but the Governor – ever the heartless bastard – tells her the people have spoken. Merle and Daryl’s lives are forfeit. Those two will have to find their own way to get out of this predicament.

Our second video tells us much of what we could have deduced on our own: the first half of Season 3 was designed to establish the separate worlds of the prison and Woodbury, as well as their respective leaders, Rick and the Governor. Heading into a war, things are only going to get worse, which is saying something considering how dark this season has been up to this point. For Rick and the Governor, the second half will show us what these people are really capable of and what this world has turned them into. Rick will show us just how brutal and ruthless he can, while the Governor has completely lost everything he’s ever cared about, making him a very dangerous man.

Other characters will have their arcs continue. Michonne will have to learn to connect with the people she’s with, Glenn will find himself feeling vengeful, Maggie just wants peace, Carol wants to continue being useful, Hershel will be the gentle, moral compass and Carl will be the world’s best child soldier, actually contributing to the group. You can expect all of this in February when The Walking Dead returns.