Capitol Crimes – Election Season Crime Media

What’s the most a criminal’s ever taken from you? Many of you just answered “none” or “not much, but that cell phone had precious memories on it.”  Some thought, “my sense of security.” A few of you are still seriously considering a part-time career in vigilantism. But most Americans, deep down, know we’ve been robbed […]

The Covers of Hard Case Crime

Looking over two of the most recent book covers from Hard Case Crime (HCC) you can’t help but see a pattern. The Comedy Is Finished by Donald E. Westlake has a gorgeous painted cover from Gregory Manchess, and False Negative by Joseph Koenig has its own delightful image from Hard Case Crime stalwart Glen Orbik. […]

The Innocence Of Morons – Sam Bacile & Cranked-Out Propaganda

If you find yourself with fifteen minutes to kill this evening, you can go to YouTube and pull up the video that is currently causing murder and mayhem and destruction in the Middle East this evening.  No, it isn’t Gangnam Style.  It’s that strange new cinematic sensation, Innocence of Muslims. I’m not going to put […]

My Name Is Markham – The TV Sensibilities of NEAR DEATH

Near Death is one of the spate of high-quality comic books Image has been cranking out over the past couple of years, and I finally did myself the favor of reading it.  Of course, now it appears the series has gone on hiatus just as I am getting on board (sad trombone).  Fingers crossed that […]

Selling Selena Gomez – Harmony Korine And SPRING BREAKERS

I’m guessing that at some point during the evolution of Harmony Korine’s forthcoming film Spring Breakers, it occurred to somebody that recruiting a teen sensation of the ilk of, say, Selena Gomez might bring a little hype to Korine’s off-the-beaten path heist movie.  It occurs to me that this moment occurred at some point closer […]

Scam Artist Hall Of Fame: M. Sgt. E.G. Bilko

Welcome, dear friends and other suckers, to a new regular feature here at the Criminal Complex.  Yes, the Scam Artist Hall Of Fame, as demanded by none of you, will highlight those great men and women, fictional and non, who through their erudite shrewdness and intelligence part money from its fools.  Our inaugural inductee is […]

How My Load Got Shot | By Jedidiah Ayres

I just read a review of the film F*ckload of Scotch Tape that ended with this paragraph: “In the end, F*ckload of Scotch Tape is the cinematic equivalent of a repeated kick to the nuts with just enough of a break here and there to give you some hope that maybe, just maybe, the next […]

The City Of I Will – Why BOSS Is Kelsey Grammer’s Greatest Work

It’s strange when you consider that Boss is Kelsey Grammer’s first major dramatic role.  He has always been known for playing upright, no-nonsense roles, but for laughs.  Boss season 2, which premiered this past Friday on Starz, is definitely no laughing matter, and regardless of how lauded Grammer has been for his comedy work, the […]