Fleming BBC

In case you haven’t yet heard, Sky Atlantic and BBC recently announced they would be throwing together a four-part biopic on the early life of James Bond writer and creator Ian Fleming. The character of James Bond is an iconic one and is very close to the hearts of many, and not just in the UK where he originated. Who can say they have never seen a James Bond film? Or played one of the many 007 video games? And let’s not forget the many novels Fleming wrote starring Bond. They are, after all, the genesis of everything we’ve come to associate with the name Bond. So of course a biopic makes sense. I’d almost venture to say it’s necessary. And now I would like to report Annabelle Wallis is joining the cast of this biopic.

Wallis was chosen to play the role of Muriel Wright, according to Deadline, a woman whom Fleming had a love affair with and whom is said to have been the very inspiration for what we now know as the Bond Girl. The biopic, which is being produced by Ecosse Filmes, is simply being called Fleming and will hold nothing back in its depiction of Fleming’s life during his tumultuous time living in WWII London. For someone who did not grow up during the time when the Bond character began its spread into public consciousness, it will be interesting to see Fleming’s early life and the circumstances that led him to write the first Bond story. Sure, I could probably find out from Wikipedia, but movies are just more fun.

Mat Whitecross will be directing the script penned by John Brownlow and Don MacPherson, with production set to begin in Budapest next month. BBC Worldwide will be distributing the biopic internationally. Wallis is just coming off the BBC period series Peaky Blinders, co-starring Cillian Murphy. She was also recently cast in the UK indie Hello Carter.