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As Arrow, Oliver Queen has it all. Fans know he’s a millionaire playboy persona by day and the arrow-wielding vigilante by night. But no hero is complete without powerful enemies. In other words, bring on Deathstroke! We’ve got photos immortalizing TV’s fearsome foes!

Episode 13 of CW’s exciting DC Comics-inspired series, Arrow, will air on Feb. 6. It’s called “Betrayal”. How are these pics for a preview of all the action? There will be a flashback as things unfold, as there often are, and this one tells the story of the first time Stephen Amell’s titular character crossed paths with the man who would later become Deathstroke. Let’s just say the two fellas weren’t friendly back then either.

Slade Wilson is Deathstroke’s alter ego and they are both brought to life by actor Manu Bennett, who is better known from playing Crixius for the STARZ series, Spatacus. The two actors have history in real life. Amell once upon a time auditioned to take over as that show’s lead.

So, just where do Ollie and Mr. Wilson first meet in Arrow‘s mythos? It happens while Oliver is still shipwrecked. And that’s a time when, as Amell puts it, Oliver was “far less capable.” Which means the fighting between the pair in the past was far from epic. They didn’t “mix it up” back then. “It’s more like ‘beating down,’” Amell said in an interview with a laugh. But hey, we can examine shots of the flashback encounter for ourselves.

We are always right on top of all things Arrow just for you. You heard it here when actress Alex Kingston, formerly of ER won the recurring guest role as Dinah Lance, Laurel’s mother. That’s an interesting development if you know your comic book history.

You are still smack center in the first season of the action series. The Jan. 30 episode is titled “Vertigo”. Yes, fanboys, it is time to rejoice.

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