We have all seen a favorite show get cancelled. It’s never fun. How do you beat the axe? Well, any series would do well to take a page out of the current Showtime line-up’s book. Several of the network’s shows have seen record-breaking season premieres. It is no wonder Showtime has handed out renewal requests for new seasons of House of Lies, Californication and Shameless. Cheers!

And you can add the Cinemax drama, Banshee to the list of renewals. We think that’s pretty exciting, too.

This means the David Duchovny starrer, Californication wins a 7th season.┬áSeasons 6 began on Jan. 13 and will feature Marilyn Manson in a guest role. In fact, the music scene figures prominently in the plot. Maggie Grace already dropped by in a guest appearance, which is funny, because we also just saw her in Fox’s The Following.

The announcement also means a 4th season for William H. Macy’s Shameless. How time flies. It’s difficult to believe that one is based upon a British series of the same name. The show seems so very American to me. Season 2 ended with Monica’s suicide attempt and a tryst with a fellow mental patient played by Jenna Elfman. The most recent Season 3 episode, which aired on Jan. 27, was titled “May I Trim Your Hedges?”.

Last in the Showtime bunch is the comedy, House of Lies, which gets a 3rd season in 2014. Showtime was particularly pleased that their comedies have increases in weekly viewers. Someone is doing their job well.

As for Banshee, the freshman Cinamax is something very unique. It takes place in the Amish country and features an ex-con who is posing as a law man who is in all actuality, deceased. The show is a little bit Boardwalk Empire, a little bit like something from the minds of the Cohen brothers. And yes, it comes from Alan Ball, creator of True Blood. As per our news, Banshee will return for a 10-episode 2nd season.