We’ve met Castle‘s mom on the fun ABC crime drama, and we know his daughter Alexis also. Fans, are you ready to meet his dad? Actor James Brolin is coming to the series on Monday, Feb. 25 to reveal the writer’s full parentage.

It is Castle season five and the series still averages about ten million viewers each episode. The latest scoop revolves around daddy dearest dropping in for a visit at long last.

Actor James Brolin is currently married to Barbra Streisand. In real life, he’s father to actor Josh Brolin, star of Gangster Squad and the upcoming thrillers Oldboy (the American remake) and Sin City: A Dame to Kill For.

According to TV Guide, details about Brolin’s Castle character are pretty hush, hush. We do know that when he appears on screen in February, we meet him during the second half of a big two-part episode.

ABC has been kind enough to reveal the gist of the first half of that story. It finds Castle and Beckett teaming with an FBI agent acted by guest star Dylan Walsh to investigate a murder. As things progress with the case, the three uncover a plot to kidnap the daughter of a wealthy Middle Eastern businessman. Things will unfortunately get personal when his involvement in the case puts a big ol’ target on Castle’s back.

Those of us well-versed in the Castle mythology know that little Castle grew up not knowing who in the world his dad was at all. But just last season when Jennifer Beals put in a guest appearance, she dropped clues that suggested Castle’s father ran in CIA circles. So, how interesting is it that the first half of Brolin’s upcoming episode would pertain to international crime? Maybe he is a member of the Agency after all. We’ll soon see!

Brolin senior’s most recent credits include The West Wing, Community, where he also played a long lost father, and guest spots on Law & Order: SVU and Psych.