Star Wars: Clone Wars

For the makers of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, there is more than just a new year to celebrate. The popular series is about to unveil it’s 100th episode. How is that for champagne worthy? Just don’t let your droids drink. They could rust.

You can help commemorate the event by watching the trailer for Saturday’s episode, which, according to EW is titled “Missing In Action.” We’ve got that for you now. You can also watch the episode itself when the award winning animated series strikes your TV set.

We’re fans of Clone Wars and so is Entertainment Weekly. They applauded the milestone, reminding readers that every show doesn’t reach a 100th episode before cancellation. The original Star Trek beamed away at episode Number 79. As popular as the Battlestar Galactica reboot was, it only saw 73 episodes over the course of 4 seasons. The entertainment giant highlighted the Cartoon network series as being “impressive with its visual ambition, persistent storytelling interest in knotty ethical quandaries, and the amount of pivotal new canon it’s introduced (such as the existence of the Overlords).” It was also Entertainment Weekly that ranked Star Wars: The Clone Wars as number 20 out of the 25 best science-fiction films or television shows of the past 25 years. That’s an honor!

EW even reminded you Jedi fans out there that the series will probably move to Disney XD after this season. It was big news when Disney bought Lucasfilm, and the move is a likely result. I read one article nominating Jon Favreau as a possible director for future live action Star Wars movies when the torch was passed to Disney. That isn’t a bad idea. Can the director wrap his Magic Kingdom film in time to contend for the right to make a new Star Wars flick?

So, what comes next for your favorite characters? Well, for one thing, they’ll meet Gregor in episode 100. Gregor is a Republic clone commando suffering from amnesia. How awesome is that? When you check out the trailer, be sure to watch all the way to the very end! You won’t be sorry!