In just a couple short weeks, it will be Oct. 19 – or Feb. 7 to regular folk – and that means we will finally, finally, be able to watch the Season 4 premiere of Community. We fans have had a long time to wait, but our patience is about to pay off. Now if only Community’s troubles getting on air would be enough to drum up the necessary audience to necessitate a fifth season renewal. The likelihood of that happening is very slim, but there is always hope. But we don’t have to worry about that for now. Let’s just bask in the awesomeness of these videos from the premiere, “History 101.”

We have two videos from the premiere, both having to do with this episode being the first day of classes for the study group’s senior year. The first video features Britta “therapizing” Abed, who seems a little out of sorts. Change isn’t something Abed has ever dealt with well and knowing this is the last year everyone will be together must be wreaking havoc on his mind. Annie and Troy pop in at the end, having found their lucky notebook and lucky charm respectively. So far it looks like Community is going to be just as fun as it always was.

The second video is a truly great scene. We have Shirley and Annie talking, quite seriously, about Jeff’s attitude while absent-mindedly dumping popcorn kernels into a tinfoil wrapped car. In case you weren’t aware, it turns out Jeff had been taking extra classes during the summer, setting him up to graduate earlier than everyone else. Naturally, that upsets the balance of the group and Annie is not okay with that. She loves her little Greendale family and, like Abed, doesn’t want things to change. Just look at how much she’s enjoying being a senior – she and Shirley use mirrors to reflect sunlight on to the tinfoil and heat up the kernels so they pop. Why would she want to give this up?