Dexter Showtime

Whether or not Dexter is heading toward its final season isn’t something anybody at Showtime is willing to say with any sort of conviction, but that isn’t stopping them from pimping out all the recent casting announcements for Season 8. The latest comes with next to no information along with it, but we can try our hardest to figure something out to fill in the relatively large gaps. Our new character is set to be played by Nick Gomez, who you might recognize from his brief stint on AMC’s The Walking Dead or his recurring role on Treme. But just wait until you hear whom he’s playing on Dexter.

Ok, that was misleading; Gomez’s character is nameless for the time being, but at least Digital Spy could report he would be recurring. At this point, Gomez could be playing a good guy or a bad guy, and either of those choices could involve being killed at the hands of Dexter – or Deb, for that matter. I’d like to hope he isn’t just playing another killer Dexter hunts after. I would love for this show to try something just a little more interesting, but that might be hoping for something that doesn’t exist. Unless the idea is to finally expose Dexter for what he is, we’ll be in for the usual over done thrills.

A lot of that has to do with Showtime’s refusal to let Dexter end. How much more interesting would this show be if Dexter had to go on the run from the law? I would love to see how he deals with his need to kill while actively avoiding the manhunt trying to bring him to justice. But the writers would never go there because that’s has endgame written all over it. Showtime wants to milk this cow for as much as they can get, even if all the good stuff has already been used up.