Merlin and Game of Thrones are two very well known television fantasy dramas. Both shows will lend actors to a very sumptuous new series. Who is joining the handsome Jonathan Rhys Meyers as he brings to life, er, living death, NBC’s Dracula? That would be actors Katie McGrath and Nonso Anozie.

McGrath is the Irish actress who played Morgana for the BBC One TV series Merlin. Yes, that’s the one that starred Colin Morgan as the title wizard and said good-bye after 5 seasons. she also acted in a mini-series called Labyrinth that I’m keen on watching soon. This won’t be her first time on a set with Jonathan Rhys Meyers. Her guest starring role on The Tudors took place during the episode called “His Majesty’s Pleasure”. Heck, that could have been the show’s subtitle, eh?

Nonso Anozie is Xaro Xhoan Daxos on the well-loved HBO series Game of Thrones. His film credits include RocknRolla, Atonement and 2011’s Conan the Barbarian.

Both McGrath and Anozie will play regulars for NBC’s 10-episode series. TV Line explained that McGrath would play Lucy Westenra and Anonzie would portray R.M. Renfield.

Lucy is an attractive aristocrat fully enjoying London’s sexy, social scene of this time period. A few of her favorite things are “gossip, flirting and all things glamorous.”

The big Dracula scoop here at Boomtron recently was the new that Jessica De Gouw, he acts as the Huntress on CW’s Arrow, will play Meyer’s primary co-star, Mina. You know the story. Mina is a dead-ringer for Dracula’s long dead wife. He’s got to have her.

Well, Lucy happens to be Mina’s best friend. And this next morsel ought to really excite you. A series of lies and temptations will really test their friendship.

Nonso Anozie’s Renfield, is a highly loyal agent of Alan Grayson. Who is Alan Grayson? Remember the name. This will be Dracula’s alias at the start of the series. Reports refer to Renfield as a confidante of Dracula and a keeper of his secrets. It’s a key role to be sure, but does that mean Renfield knows who Alan Grayson really is?