American Horror Story Season 3: Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson Back for More Scares

American Horror Story FX

It may not be the absolute greatest show out there, but damn it if American Horror Story isn’t exciting to talk about. So much of that show is based on just the most insane ideas thrown in to a blender and sipped through a bendy straw; how could you not get sucked in to this bizarre world Ryan Murphy created? Looking to the future, wondering what could possibly come next when the series enters its third season, there’s just no way to know what’s in store. But slowly things are starting to come together. We already know Jessica Lange will be back for Season 3, but now we can say with certainty both Evan Peters and Sarah Paulson will return as well.

As with Season 2, Season 3 will be a brand new story with new characters for the returning cast members to portray. We weren’t given specifics, but Murphy started giving hints to what we could expect from Season 3. According to TVLine, Peters will likely be back to playing a sobbing psychopath, while Paulson has no idea who she’ll be playing, but Murphy knows. Lange was allegedly coaxed back because Murphy promised her “hair and makeup and the best designer gowns ever.” He also said she will be playing “a glamour cat leading lady.”

Other Season 3 snippets included the mention of a more humorous story, different tone and generally being “more historical in nature.” While Season 1 had Rubber Man and Season 2 had Bloody Face, Season 3 will have it’s own iconic character, and this time it’s a woman. Murphy is looking to bring in some new talent as well as bringing back some Season 1 actors. I’m hoping Kate Mara returns.

There has been talk of Season 3 possibly taking place in the south, which I hope means we’ll be getting a dose of voodoo magic, which would lend itself nicely to a good, old fashioned zombie tale.

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