Game of Thrones HBO

Nothing gets my excitement pumping quite like a new Game of Thrones video – the exception being any news related to Community – and we have a brand new behind the scenes look at the upcoming third season of HBO’s greatest drama series. Every second of footage is just off the to the side of scenes as they are being filmed, giving us unique look at the land of Westeros. We get a brief glimpse of most of the characters, with a few dishing out their two cents regarding what’s to come in Season 3. The most important thing you need to know: this season is going to be about role reversals.

The video, down below, explains this season will feature a lot of characters rising and falling in power. It will start with many characters at the top of the food chain, only for events throughout the season knocking them down to the bottom, while the opposite happens to others. Anyone who’s read the books knows exactly how drastically some characters’ fortunes will change. I won’t spoil anything specific, only telling you something that’s a given: many people will die. But as Peter Dinklage says, for every person who dies, two more are introduced.

The cast seems fairly excited about being back and working with all the new people on set. I can’t wait to see the new characters, like Mance and Jojen, in the thick of things. My hopes are high for Season 3, and we are promised plenty of surprises. Hopefully those surprises will shock both fans of the TV series and the book. The stakes will certainly be higher this time around as the war for the Seven Kingdoms continues. This is the season the writers have been waiting to create, it’s the reason this show was even made in the first place. Knowing the writers have been looking forward to this chunk of the story for two years gives me the belief this will be the best version of Game of Thones.