Grey's Anatomy

Sarah Chalke and Judy Reyes were for a long time the first ladies of the Zach Braff starring medical comedy, Scrubs as Elliot and Carla. Now Chalke has found her way back into the halls of a busy hospital. This time she’ll appear at Seattle Grace for ABC’s Grey’s Anatomy. The big question is this one: Will she be wearing scrubs again?

The answer is: It’s possible. Grey’s will welcome Chalke as a guest star sometime this spring, as we learned from TV Line. Details about her character, however are severely lacking. Perhaps we’ll learn more soon. Either way, seeing this actress pop up on a new series is always very charming.

Chalke’s stint on How I Met Your Mother in the role of Stella was quite memorable. More recently she enjoyed a four-episode run on Cougar Town as Angie LeClaire. You will notice both these shows are largely comedies. Grey’s could mark a more dramatic turn for the former “Elliot” actress.

Chalke’s biggest news is that she is actually the lead of a new series. How to Live with Your Parents (For the Rest of Your Life) will debut on ABC on April 3rd. Her co-stars there include the legendary Brad Garrett of Everybody Loves Raymond, Weeds actress Elizabeth Perkins, Jon Dore and comedian Orlando Jones.

The show centers on Chalke’s character Polly, a rigid single mother, forced to move back in with her parents, acted by Garrett and Perkins. As her mother, Elaine, Perkins is nutty, energetic, and quite vulgar, while Garrett as Polly’s father Max, is breezy and carefree. It seems like a bit of a love triangle could develop for Polly, whose ex-husband starts showing renewed interest in her and she pals around with with a current bestie whom she nearly dated once upon a time.

Showrunner Claudia Lonow wrote and co-executive produced CBS’s Accidentally on Purpose. Brian Grazer and Francie Calfo also help executive produce.