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Grimm Will Slay You Again Starting March 8th


TV’s supernatural police procedural is coming back! The exciting NBC fantasy series, Grimm has been having a popular second season, but took a nice long break just before the holidays. Never fear, you have to call upon any creatures of the night to do your bidding. The series returns March 8th. To remind you what you’ve been missing, we have a fantastic video. Get ready to journey back into the world of Nick Burkhardt, played by David Giuntoli, known as the Grimm!

Don’t miss today’s video feature. Not only does it include more monsters than you can shake a stick at, hiding in plain sight to those of us not cursed with the Grimm’s birthright, I might add; but it helps catch you up on what you may have missed if you missed a few episodes here and there during the show’s two season run.

Bitsie Tulloch returns as Juliette Silverton, Nick’s beloved who has been “taken away from him”. Oh she’s still around, she’s just been given amnesia. You can blame Adalind Schade, the Hexenbiest lawyer, acted by Claire Coffee, who has been bumped up to series regular status this season.

When the series returns this March, Nick takes the fight to the bad guys and he begins to uncover who Adalind is working for. The video shows a shot of mother dearest laying down the law, Grimm style. This leads our heroes to the surprising conclusion that Juliette’s desires for Captain Renard are no coincidence. They aren’t just a side effect of her spell either. Captain Renard is the local Royal! And believe you me, this type of royal family, you don’t want to marry into.

Action? You can say that again! It’s difficult not to get pumped for the return of Grimm. As you can see Monroe, Sergeant Wu, Detective Hank Griffin, Rosalee, and Nick’s ver cool mom, Kelly Burkhardt, played by Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio, are all back!

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  1. Alina

    February 20, 2013 at 12:16 am

    Thanks so much for the video; I couldn’t be more excited for Grimm to be back! Last season was so difficult to keep up with because I kept forgetting to record it when I didn’t make it home in time from going out with my coworkers and friends. This season is going to be different because I finally got a DISH Hopper, which records all the primetime slots from the four major networks. I just joined a bowling league on Friday nights with a few people I work with at DISH, so since it saves each night’s worth of shows for eight days, I’ll never miss a Grimm episode.

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