Hawaii Five-0 CBS

I have some bad news and good news for fans of CBS’ Hawaii Five-0. Now in its third season and going strong, Five-0 is continuing its excellence by cooking up intense episodic doses of crime solving with terrific guest stars. The latest guest star – this is the good news portion of this article – to be joining the ranks of Five-0 is The Talk co-host and occasional actress Aisha Tyler. If you’re not familiar with any of her live-action roles – Tyler has appeared on Glee, The Ghost Whisperer and 24 – you might recognize her as the voice of Lana on FX’s Archer. She’s great and big on delivering laughs, easily someone who could only make Five-0 that much more enjoyable.

The bad news is – and this isn’t really that bad, all things considered – is there is no news regarding who she’ll be playing or what her role might be in the episode. Hell, we don’t even know which episode she’ll be appearing in! All the NY Post could report was her casting. So where does that leave us? Well, if you’re familiar at all with my work here on BoomTron, then you’ll know I just love scraping together outlandish theories about casting announcements, especially when they’re incredibly vague.

Tyler’s casting is right up my alley. Let’s a have a look at the possibilities: she could be a love interest for one of our main guys – take your pick, it doesn’t matter which one – or she could be the victim/suspect in a crime, violent or otherwise. There’s the chance she’s a childhood friend or an ex of somebody’s. Really, the sky is the limit here. We could spend days discussing who Tyler might be playing. Let’s stop playing around and just make a wild guess. I think Tyler’s going to be playing a cop who looks up to the Five-0 crew, but in a weird, twisted way. She’ll try and get their attention by arranging a murder for them to solve. Yikes, that’s a little dark. Maybe that won’t be my guess.