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For next month, How I Met Your Mother is planning huge Canadian bash for the next chapter in the story of Robin Sparkles. A slew of Canadian celebrities are marching on to the set for the Feb. 4 episode where we will take a look at how Robin Sparkles spiraled out of the limelight and became the Robin we know and love today. Creator Carter Bays said this story would feature “a little big of a darker, edgier Robin Sparkles. To see which celebrities are being brought in for what is bound to be a stellar episode – or a huge flop, depending on how congested it feels with so many guest stars and cameos – check out the announcement video below.

For me, the most important actor to be returning to HIMYM is James Van Der Beek, who will reprise his role as Robin’s ex-boyfriend Simon, according to TVLine. We haven’t seen Simon since Season 3 where he briefly reappeared in Robin’s life only to seem genuinely uninterested in how well she’s going, instead appearing to be trapped in the past of his high school days. I wonder if he’s grown up at all in the last five years. Alan Thicke will also be returning as himself, last seen in Season 6’s “Glitter.”

We can also expect to see the likes of Jason Priestley, Paul Shaffer, Alex Trebk, musician k.d. lang and several Canadian athletes. I’m excited at the idea of having all these people in a single episode about Robin Sparkles – mostly because, well, I am Canadian – but the last Robin Sparkles episodes wasn’t the greatest. As long as the story is worth telling and allows Robin to move forward as a character in some way I’ll be pleased. From the sounds of it, we’ll be seeing a sort of origin story for how Robin became the gun-loving, cigar-smoking hotty that she is.