Homeland Showtime

In a move that likely shocked no one, Diego Klattenhoff will no longer be a series regular on Homeland, which just finished its second season last month. I say this change up isn’t shocking because Klattenhoff’s role on the show had become mostly one note – he was mostly there to act as temptation for Morena Baccarin’s character – but it does bring up some interesting questions about his character’s future. When we last saw him, it seemed like he and Jessica were going to be together, yet Baccarin is expected to return for Season 3. One might assume that would mean Mike would still be popping up from time to time.

TVLine reported that because of where Mike was left at the conclusion of Season 2, Klattenhoff might return, but in a recurring capacity. He’ll likely pop back in for sex scenes in order to fulfill whatever nudity requirements Baccarin has in her contract. Other than that, I can’t imagine much use for him. He wasn’t a character that ever really felt relevant, considering the large terrorist-thwarting nature of the plot. Sure, there was a time when it seemed like Mike was hot on the trail of his war buddy – and the husband of Jessica – Brody, but that was quickly dropped and thus all interest in anything Mike did dissipated, unless it involved sex with Jessica which was only one time this past season.

Mike’s become pretty much the patriarch of the Brody family, especially since Brody hightailed it to Canada under suspicion of terrorism. We’ll certainly still be seeing how the family is affected; we just won’t be seeing Mike. Perhaps they’ll write him off completely, with Jessica deciding she wants a complete fresh start; Mike being a painful reminder of her old life with Brody. However they do it, I’m just glad Mike’s importance is being seriously downsized. Now if they would only ditch the Brody’s entirely.