Rob Greenberg CBS

After waiting and searching, CBS has finally found the fourth man for its untitled Rob Greenberg comedy pilot. The single camera comedy, from CBS TV Studios and Tannenbaum Co, revolves around four guys, three of which were already found back in the summer – Chris Smith, Kal Penn and Tony Shalhoub – but it’s taken until now for the project to finally grab a hold on Jerry O’Connell. With him on board, the pilot will be able to shoot later this month. This comedy has had an interesting time in development since it was ordered back in July, so it’s good to hear things are moving forward at last.

According to Deadline, Smith stars as Carter, a twentysomething year old man living with three more experienced men: Gil (Penn), Frank (Shalhoub) and Stuart (O’Connell). They share a short-term rental complex. Stuart is a feisty conservative and successful OB/GYN with a practice on the rise, but he’s in the middle of his second rough divorce. He may have more experience in life, but he doesn’t sound like he has everything figured out just yet, which might be the point in the long run. And O’Connell certainly looks like the type of guy who would be rolling in money, but still struggling to make a relationship work.

This project began a little differently than most pilot orders do; it was ordered early July, way off cycle from when pilots are usually ordered. The casting of Smith, Penn and Shalhoub quickly followed, but finding that fourth lead stalled production. O’Connell was sought after early on, but he was unavailable due to his commitment to NBC’s Munsters reboot, Mockingbird Lane. But since NBC passed on that pilot last week, O’Connell was quickly snatched up to play Stuart. Now that we’ve heard plenty about the men involved in the pilot, I’d like to hear which actresses will be involved, if any.