Today’s casting news is so juicy, that you just may want to take bite out of it. There’s a new Dracula series being put together for NBC with the very yummy Jonathan Rhys Meyers set to star. Joining him as the female lead is Jessica De Gouw. She’s the same young woman who recently brought to life the Huntress for the CW’s Arrow.

I can hear the fangirls screaming already. Irish actor Jonathan Rhys Meyers was practically born for this role. He’s always been nice to look at in my book. If you’re a fan who has yet to see him in Ride with the Devil, Match Point or August Rush, then you, my friend, have got some DVDs to go rent.

On the television side, the actor is probably best know for playing King Henry VIII in the saucy Showtime series, The Tudors. In the new Dracula series, expected to debut in the fall of 2013, Meyers has the lead role. Much like Gary Oldman’s turn in Bram Stoker’s Dracula, the NBC series will show Meyers as a vampire living a “double life in London as an American businessman interested in bringing modern science to Victorian society,” according to THR. His true intentions are to get vengeance on people who wronged him centuries ago. He gets thrown a curve ball when he meets Mina, who is the spitting image of his dead wife.

In the 1992 horror film, Winona Ryder was Mina, Keanu Reeves was her poor husband (no one wants to compete with the undead) and Anthony Hopkins was Van Helsing. This time around it is Jessica De Gouw in the role of Mina. She’s described as being terribly modern for a gal living in 1890’s London. She’s the lone woman studying to be a doctor at the University College in London. I expect she’ll stick out like a sore thumb at school and be hated by some of her peers. Still, she’s sharp and resourceful and needs very little help.

I’m excited, because blood and gore aside, Dracula’s tale is also a love story. I think De Gouw looks the part, don’t you? By the by, you’ll be interested to note that she hails from Australia.

Simply called Dracula for now, the series is a co-production from British Sky Broadcasting, Carnival Films & Television, Flame Ventures and NBC Universal. One of the co-executive producers is Gareth Neame of Downton Abbey.