Law & Order: SVU

Former Jane’s Addiction guitarist Dave Navarro has a brand new acting gig. You may have seen him last during a guest stint on the badboy series Sons of Anarchy, but he’s trading in the biker’s life for some serious Law & OrderSVU that is.

Navarro will play the role of a sound engineer on the NBC police procedural. TV Guide confirmed the rocker would act as a guy called Ferrari who is “part of the entourage for one of hip-hop’s rising stars”. I take it he works and plays in the same circle if he is also a sound engineer for this episode’s hip-hop star. Ferrari will witnesses a crime, but won’t be of any help to the police, refusing to snitch on a friend.

The upcoming episode is titled “Funny Valentine”, but we have no air date to report as of yet. Navarro Tweeted about the experience, sharing, “On my way to NYC to hang out with Detective Benson for a day.” That one made me smile. I’m sure Mariska Hargitay would grin as well. She’s a rock star in her own way.

Of course Law & Order: SVU airs Wednesdays at 9/8c on NBC. We keep up to date with all the season 14 goings on. We delivered the news when Andre Braugher and Mike Tyson were announced as upcoming guest stars. That highly anticipated episode will be called “Monster’s Legacy” and it is coming on Feb. 6.

This episode is already stirring controversy. There’s a petition going around in the hopes that NBC would cast someone else in the boxer’s role. Some believe Tyson’s real life too closely parallels that of his character.

On a lighter note, Ms. Nia Vardalos will show her lovely face in tonight’s episode, “Criminal Hatred”. This should be a good one as well. And hard hitter Marcia Gay Harden returns on Feb. 13 for “Secrets Exhumed”. Cue that gavel sound.

Bijou Phillips, Scott Bakula and Elliot Gould have been seen this season.