Come on down, Nia Vardalos! You are the next guest star on Law & Order: SVU. And you aren’t alone! Don’t get Lost before we fill you in on all the latest NBC casting news. You’ll have a Gay Harden old time if you stick around.

My Big Fat Greek Wedding star Nia Vardalos will soon be rubbing elbows with TV’s Olivia. Her upcoming episode also includes The Young and the Restless star Victoria Rowell and Fred Norris of The Howard Stern Show. Also this season, TV Guide reports, former Lost, Romeo + Juliet and The Matrix Reloaded actor Harold Perrineau will guest star. You can even expect the buzzworthy return of Oscar winner Marcia Gay Harden! Cool news all around!

The usually very funny gal, Vardalos, will play Counselor Minonna Efron on January 30th. Her client is being tried for assault and murder. SVU‘s D.A. Barba, acted by Raul Esparza, considers the case a piece of cake when he notices that Efron is unprepared, scatterbrained and disorganized. I suspect the Vardalos character to be more than meets the eye, however. Do you smell a con? She turns out to be more much more formidable than anticipated.

Vardalos was last seen as a Grey’s Anatomy guest star last season.

When Harold Perrineau comes over to the series, he’ll be acting as a serious bad guy named Brian Traymor. This is the same episode marking the return of Marcia Gay Harden as FBI Agent Dana Lewis. Traymor will be the prime suspect in a rape and murder case. Lewis will believe beyond a shadow of a doubt, in her passionate manner, that Traymor is guilty. Detective Benson won’t be convinced. I failed to mention that The Shield‘s Jay Karnes is also appearing in this episode, which will air Feb. 6th, as the fiancĂ© of one of the victims.

Perrineau popped up on Sons of Anarchy recently, and on Wedding Band on TBS. He also has a role on feature film, Zero Dark Thirty.

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