New Girl

Brooklyn Decker is mixing it up on the set of New Girl. Soft drinks and stripping? Will she completely destroy Jess’s roommates? A man’s heart…and eyes can only take so much. This much is clear, Nick and Schmidt both want her very, very much.

Decker is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit with a burgeoning acting career. She has already made the rounds, boasting guest appearances on Chuck, Ugly Betty, and Royal Pains. She has even appeared in the feature films Battleship and What to Expect When You’re Expecting. Decker is married to retired professional tennis player Andy Roddick. He’s quite a cutie as well.

When Decker appears on New Girl this month, she’ll inspire some healthy competition between two of our roommates. We’ve got photos!

Her episode will run on Tuesday, Jan. 29. In it Decker plays Holly, a very unusual bar patron. It turns out she has a sadness fetish. It attracts her. Let’s hope she doesn’t troll hospitals and morgues looking for dates, eh? I don’t think her attraction runs that bizarre, but we’ll have to wait and see.

In hopes of winning her heart, Nick and Schmidt will start competing by sharing their best sob stories. One thing will lead to another and all three young people wind up playing Strip True American. Uh oh.

The episode is titled “Cooler”. Hmm. I wonder what that could mean. Any guesses?

Nick’s on a roll this season. In December he shared a fling with Olivia Munn’s stunning character, Angie. Then again, Schmidt has also seen some excitement. Last November in “Menzies”, the smokin’ hot actress Carla Gugino acted out a Fifty Shades of Grey affair with him, despite the fact that he was working for her at the time.

Tune in to New Girl on Tuesdays only on Fox. This year the show got some love at the Golden Globes. Zooey Deschanel earned a nom for Best Actress in a Television Series Musical or Comedy and Max Greenfield who plays the master of the “Douchebag jar” was also nominated.

New Girl