New Girl – Steve Howey Stirs Up Sexual Tension for Jess, But Where’s Sam?

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If there are any Jess/Sam shippers out there, you might be all that stoked to learn New Girl is cooking up some temptation for Jess in an upcoming episode. Although – and this is just my humble opinion – considering who they have lined up to play said temptation, I can’t really see her going for the bait. Oh, right; you should know whom they’ve hired so you can understand my lack of understanding. New Girl is poaching Shameless actor Steve Howey for this supposedly super hot guy, but I don’t see it. Granted, nobody in Shameless ever really looks their best, but I’ve seen some photos of Howey outside of the show and I’m just not that impressed.

Maybe Howey will be cleaned up before he films anything for New Girl, but I won’t be holding my breath. According to TVLine, Howey is guest starring as Jax McTavish, an intense professional football player Winston interviews on his radio show. He inevitably gets invited to Schmidt and Nick’s “Tinfinity” party, the celebration of ten years living together. It is at this party where Jess comes to meet Jax and thus sexual tension ensues. On the plus side, because this episode is still to come we don’t know if Jess will still be with Sam at the future point in time. I mean, I hope they keep him around a little while longer, but maybe they’ll break up and this moment of temptation will only be gross because Howey is gross. I can’t even begin to fathom why Jess would be into him.

To be perfectly honest, I’m more intrigued with this Tinfinity party. I know little about it, but just the idea of Schmidt and Nick celebrating their friendship in party form is thrilling. I really want to know what that looks like. What kind of decorations will they have? How much input did Schmidt have in the planning stages? I need answers!

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