Once Upon a Time

Are you ready to meet Snow White’s real mom? Get ready for a dramatic flashback on Once Upon a Time.

Actress Rena Sofer has won the role of Queen Eva, the birth mother of Ginnifer Goodwin’s Snow White. If you are thinking the former General Hospital star seems a tad young, then worry not. We actually meet Snow’s mom in flashbacks, according to the TVGuide exclusive.

Sofer has already been seen on Bones and NCIS. You’ll see her first appearance on the popular fantasy series Once Upon a Time sometime in early March.

Someone has to play the young Snow in these flashbacks, so actress Bailee Madison will have that job. Things won’t be cut and dry, either. As if they ever are on this series! The rumor is that Eva has a mysterious connection to one of the other well known characters. Who could it be? Rumple perhaps? Cue the dramatic music!

There is suspense building up to Eva’s appearance, even though fans of the series are already well aware of what happens to Snow’s mother. Remember, Regina, acted by Lana Parrilla, married King Leopold, acted Richard Schiff, after Eva’s death.

We’ve heard it will be a two-part event. Executive producer Edward Kitsis said, “We thought it would be fun to explore what Snow’s mom was like… She’s the person who taught Snow White how to be Snow White.”

Check in with Once Upon a Time on Sundays on ABC. We hope you didn’t meet the twisty mid-season premier! It was aptly titled “The Cricket Game”. Barbara Hershey’s character, Cora was up to no good. She’s Regina’s mom and she has shape-shifting abilities. She doesn’t mind killing innocent people either. Meanwhile, Emma is realizing more and more just how much ability she really has. It’s about time!

The January 13 episode is called “The Outsider”. We can promise an encounter with a monster and a search for a lost son.