Once Upon a Time ABC

I would be wary of what you’re about to watch and read in the next few minutes, especially if you’re an avid fan of Once Upon a Time who doesn’t like to have any big events spoiled. In this Sunday’s midseason premiere, “The Cricket Game,” there will be a pretty major death in the cast, but what’s even more shocking is ABC has revealed the death before the episode even airs! If you want to keep the identity of the character a secret until you see for yourself I’d just stop reading, now. Otherwise, you can watch the video below showing Emma and Ruby stumbling upon the murder scene of Archie AKA Jiminy Cricket.

Of course, the video doesn’t start off with Archie’s body being discovered. We get to see a quieter scene with Henry and Emma enjoying breakfast at Granny’s. Henry is pestering Emma for details about her time spent in the fairy tale land, which then wanders into a discussion about parenting, and whether Henry is old enough to walk to school by himself. This idea will be popping up from time to time as the season continues. “Emma’s trying to figure out what is her role as a mother,” said executive producer Edward Kitsis.

As they leave the diner, Pongo comes running up to them, barking like he’s Lassie. Obviously something is wrong and Ruby confirms it, because, you know, she can talk to dogs due to that whole being a wolf thing. Ruby and Emma run across the street to Archie’s office to find him lying on the floor, dead as doornail. Ruby seems to think she knows what happened to him. It’s not explicitly stated in the video, but the episode synopsis makes it pretty clear Ruby suspects Regina. Why would she think the Evil Queen did this? I’ve not a clue. I should probably stay tuned for Sunday’s episode if I want to find out.