Revenge ABC

Just when you thought we’d seen enough mysterious men from Emily’s past pop back into her life, the addictive ABC drama has added one more for us. We’ve met a lot of men she’s been involved with it, but few who have had any familial ties to her, but that’s going to change when the show introduces Emily’s long lost brother. It’s a classic soap opera move, but Revenge isn’t going to go full soap on us – the man she once called brother has zero blood relation to her. He was simply her foster brother. But that doesn’t explain away his sudden reappearance in her life. What’s caused him to return?

Unfortunately, the nature of Revenge prevents us from scraping up any important details about this new character; someone with potentially a lot of background information on Emily, such as what she was like as a sister. That’s definitely a side of her we don’t know much, if anything, about. All TVLine was able to report is the man’s name is Eli and Collins Pennie (HawthoRNe) will be recurring as the character, starting in an early spring episode. I’m wondering if perhaps Eli has any connections to the current weave of plots. It’s unlikely, but you never really know who’s in on what and working for who.

Because I love a good outlandish theory, who’s to say this whole foster brother description isn’t a ruse? Eli and Emily could be brother and sister so long as they share at least one parent. Maybe they were only told they were foster siblings while in reality they have the same mother. Maybe Mrs. Thorne wasn’t a faithful wife. You have to be ready for any twist. If you aren’t, you could really hurt yourself. It’s like stretching before doing anything strenuous. Stretch your mind with the craziest of theories so the realities don’t hit you as hard as they might have.