Sarah Michelle Gellar

Some people belong on television. In my humble opinion, Sarah Michelle Gellar is one of those people. With the moody CW soap Ringer dead and buried after just one season, is Gellar ready for her next come-back?

According to the new TV Line exclusive, there’s a new half-hour comedy in the works and it’s got Gellar’s name all over it. I’m glad, of course, but my initial concern is, a comedy? Really?

The series, which is as of yet untitled, is being developed over at 20th Century Fox TV, which boys and girls, was also home to Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Oooo! I can’t get a feel for whether this is clean fun, or one of those sitcoms that would air closer to my bedtime. Still, it has a family centric plot. It details the crazy capers parents can get caught up in when their kids are not at home. You’ve heard of the Secret Life of the American Teenager? Could this shape up to be the secret lives of your moms and dads?

Gellar would star as the lead wife and mother. We’ll have to wait and see what develops.

Gellar became interested in the series because of it’s writer, Shepard Boucher whose credits include the TBS comedy Men at Work. The untitled show is shopping itself to the major networks as we speak.

David Hemingson of How I Met Your Mother and Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, along with Margaret Riley of the film Love and Other Drugs will executive produce.

I might add that Ringer had some potential. There was a great cast with lot’s of places for the plot to twist along. In the end, i think it was too slow. It should have taken some pacing cues from a show like Revenge. Also was it just me, or were the writers treating twins as if they were a strange supernatural phenomenon? I found myself yelling at the screen, saying, “We get it, they’re twins! Why isn’t anything new happening?”