The Killing AMC

After stunning everyone with its miraculous resurrection, The Killing found itself without most of its cast from its first two seasons – only Mireille Enos and Joel Kinnaman were reported to be returning with any certainty. With so many holes to be filled, where could The Killing even start? How about with a new cop added to the proceedings? Elias Koteas has been cast in the series regular role of Ed Skinner. It’s the first bit of news that might actually point toward a newer, better version of The Killing… maybe. There’s still a long way to go before we can say this show has improved, but this is a start.

According to TV Guide, this Skinner character is an intense, but well-trusted cop and was once partners with Sarah Linden (Enos). He might seem like a great guy, but he’s been keeping a short-term affair with a co-worker from his wife. With that kind of history, who’s to say he doesn’t have some sort of romantic history with Linden? Speaking of Linden, Season 3 picks up one year after she left her life as a detective behind, but she’ll be pulled back in – isn’t that always the way? Holder (Kinnaman) goes on the search for a runaway girl, but stumbles on to a string of murders that happens to be connected to an old murder investigation of Linden’s. How could she resist that kind of pull?

Considering Skinner is Linden’s ex-partner, is within reason to assume he would’ve been working alongside Linden during the timeframe she was investigating this murder. Perhaps that’s why he comes into the picture again, to lend a hand in a case he knows all too well. But will he as obsessive as Linden? And how will things work with three cops involved? Will his presence upset the balance between Linden and Holder or add to it?