There’s a major change of roles on the docket for actress Zuleikha Robinson. You may know her as Abu Nazir’s most trusted on the political thriller Homeland, or remember her, as I do, from the short lived series New Amsterdam, or the geektastic show, The Lone Gunmen. She even appeared on Lost, but next on her list is a visit to The Mentalist.

Will Jane fine her beguiling? I guess the better question is, will Robinson’s character be able to tolerate The Mentalist‘s quirks. TV Line explained that Robinson is headed to the CBS series to play She’ll play Dr. Sonia Kidd, a whip-smart and respected scientist working in a field of study dedicated to examining the “biological roots” of murder. It’s a fascinating topic, suggesting not just one’s environment causes one to become a bad egg so to speak, but that genetics play a role as well. Frighteningly, her research could indicate that nature births killers.

Ironically, it is the murder of one of her brightest students that gets her some face time with the team. And in an answer to my own question, it seems the good scientist will be enthralled by Jane’s seemingly acute and dead-on insights into human behavior. He’s like a personality blood hound, isn’t he?

Robinson has also appeared on Hidalgo and Rome.

Simon Baker has starred as Patrick Jane for five crime solving seasons. He occasionally directs an episode, too! The last installment of 2012 was aired on December 9 and was titled “Panama Red”, referring to a particular weed that the episode centered upon. You see a botanist involved with medical marijuana was murdered.

On January 6 The Mentalist returns with “Days of Wine and Roses”. I hear this episode will mark the return of actor Henry Ian Cusick as Mr. Moneybags, a.k.a Tommy Volker. This season the series follows The Good Wife on Sunday nights.