walking dead

Fearless? Incredible? The best series on the small screen? Oh yes. The Walking Dead is all of this and more.

There’s talk of fighting to the death and shots of what I can only guess is some skull bashing going on in today’s sizzling hot new teaser video for the triumphant return of The Walking Dead, season 3. There’s also plenty of action. Who will you bet your money on? Will it be ol’ one eye, or will it be Rick? My money is on Rick anytime!

Shall I be more specific on just what kind of action you can expect? Zombies are never the only bad guys lurking around dark corners when it comes to this stellar series. When The Walking Dead returns for the second half of its third season on Feb. 10, the Governor, acted by David Morrissey, is going to take the fight all the way to the prison.

See, the winter slogan, “An Eye for An Eye”, has got multiple meanings. Yes, the Governor literally lost an eye to Michonne, and I’m sure he wants payback for that, but when last we visited our hearty band of survivors, the prison gang had raided Woodbury. In fact, the samurai gal, acted by Danai Gurira also finished off the Governor’s undead daughter. This most definitely means war.

There are so many reasons I can’t wait for Feb. 10th, but one of the most pressing is, I’m dying to see the outcome of the battle between brothers Merle and Daryl.

I’d also like to know why “The Suicide King” is the title of the come-back episode. In fact, home much can we glean from the rest of the season’s show titles? “Home” on Feb. 17 could mean a break from war, right? “I Ain’t a Judas” on Feb. 24 sounds utterly intriguing. Could that be Daryl talking? He’s one I’d really, really, really hate to see die and maybe I’ll get my wish for him to stay because the Mar. 10 episode is titled “Arrow on the Doorpost”.