The DC Comics inspired series, Arrow, has been a runaway hit for the CW. Could a Wonder Woman series do just as fantastically? There are plans to bring the female super hero to the small screen. The same idea didn’t work for NBC, but could Amazon see different results?

Yeah, you heard me. The CW pilot is being called Amazon. I dislike this title at first blush. Consider how many viewers don’t know or don’t recall that Wonder Woman originates as an Amazonian. Then consider how many average viewers don’t know there is a difference between the Greek Amazons and, you know, South American indigenous peoples who live along the river which feeds into the Atlantic.

But then again, I wasn’t wild about calling a Green Arrow series by the simple moniker, Arrow, either, and that worked out perfectly, so I’ll reserve judgement for now. Anyway, the one-word title makes more sense because the story is an origin tale at heart.

Amazon, according to Deadline, may air, not this season, which is kicking off now, but as early as next season.

For this season, the CW picked up a Vampire Diaries spinoff called The Originals. They also picked up a pilot that has plenty in common with Vampire Diaries and Arrow. It’s called The Tomorrow People and sounds to me a little like Heroes or X-Men. The adaptation of the cult British 1970s sci-fi series comes from Arrow co-creator/executive producer Greg Berlanti and The Vampire Diaries co-creator/executive producer Julie Plec. It’s a match made in CW heaven.

So, dynamic heroes look to be here to stay at the CW. I like that. And a dive into Wonder Woman’s origin story sounds pretty awesome to me. Could it have the feel of something like Xena? Amazon‘s pilot is being written by Allan Heinberg. “We’re waiting to see the script and are busy casting Diana,” the CW president Mark Pedowitz said early this month. There’s even a chance the pilot could become off-cycle and air before next season. We’ll have to wait and see.