Wonderland NBC

After the disaster that was Tim Burton’s Alice in Wonderland live-action feature film, I was ready to be done with anything related to Lewis Carroll’s literary work, but that was before I heard about ABC Studio’s development of their take on the classic tale. From CSI creator Anthony Zuiker, Wonderland takes a contemporary look at Wonderland and stars Clara, a new character to the universe. In this story, Clara’s life took a turn for the worst seven years ago and a stranger tells her the answers as to why may lie in Wonderland. Where do I sign up?

Zuiker’s deal with ABC Studios has him partnered with Brillstein Entertainment Partners on development. The project was sold to NBC back in October and has now been given the official pilot greenlight. According to Deadline, the pilot will be produced by NBC’s sister company, Univseral TV. Zuiker will act as executive producer. It will be interesting to see how Wonderland shapes up considering Zuiker’s history with CSI, a series I particularly don’t like. Will that type of procedural bleed into this new project, or will Wonderland be more serialized? I can’t imagine how this would function as a series of one-off episodes.

For those of you who are wondering why anything based of Carroll’s work wouldn’t include the famous Alice character, I would withhold your judgments. Alice will be appearing in this pilot, but she’ll be taking on the role of the reigning Queen of Wonderland, and new girl Carol will have to wage a war against her. It was this change in the Alice character that reignited my interest in a Wonderland based story. I’m curious as to how Alice, once such a sweet and innocent child, could be morphed and twisted into the very thing she once opposed. Since I am so intrigued now, it would suck if this pilot didn’t get picked up.