Banshee Cinemas

Although it’s only aired five episodes, Banshee is already Cinemax’s most-watched TV series, bringing in an average of 2.7 million viewers per episode. With numbers like that, it came as no surprise when the series was picked up for a second season and now Alan Ball is running around with so much money in his pockets he’ll likely collapse due to its collective weight. This show has a crazy story involving gangsters, stolen identities and tons of sex; how could you not watch it? If there’s one thing Ball knows, it’s how to make sexy television. And thanks to Ball’s ability to make something we all like, one of the show’s recurring cast members is getting a big promotion! Congratulations, Anthony Ruivivar.

Ruivivar currently plays Alex Longshadow, the son of Kinaho Tribe chief Banjamin Langshadow. TVLine reported he will be a series regular starting with Banshee‘s second season, which means, obviously, he will be getting more prominence in the show’s ongoing storylines. And maybe – just maybe – he’ll be able to grab a couple of his own saucy sex scenes with the show’s never ending supply of gorgeous beauties. I think that’s a fair request don’t you? If he’s going to have to work more, it should at least come with a few perks, otherwise what’s the point? Oh, right, the money. I always forget that actors actually get paid to do all this stuff. “Hey, here’s $300,000 to shoot these guys and pretend to have sex with this many girls, and next week we’ll give you the same amount to do it all over again.” Man, what a life. And here I am just sitting and writing about it. Clearly, I should’ve been an actor instead.

Aside from his work on Banshee, Ruivivar is set to recur on TNT’s Southland during its fifth season. He’ll have a season-long arc as Officer Lucero, a veteran Los Angeles cop.