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Celebrate Castle’s Extended Season 5


There is just cause for fans of ABC’s Castle to start celebrating. Season 5 has been bumped up to 24 episodes. That means more Castle, more Beckett, more murder, and now, more mystery.

You hear it right here when we announced that actor James Brolin, real life dad of actor Josh Brolin, would be skipping on over the the Castle set to play Castle’s mysterious parent. Castle has never met dear old dad, and some indicators point to the mystery man being a spook. Is he really an Agency man? We’re going to find out on on Monday, Feb. 25. During the episode our crime fighting duo may just get in over their head with a powerful foreign dignitary, his daughter, and some kidnappers. Will it be daddy to the rescue?

I think fans were really wondering why season 5 was looking shorter than 4, 3, and 2, but any fears can be tossed at this point. TV Line delivered the scoop.

I can think of one way to celebrate the news. Let’s get up close and personal with some photos from the upcoming Feb. 25 episode. Could that be James Brolin under the ski mask? Actually, it kind of looks as though Castle has been taken to the woods to be executed when someone surprises him and his captors. Daddy? The episode is called “Hunt”.

When Season 5 continues next week Firefly fans will also have reason to celebrate! Nathan Fillion’s former Firefly co-star Gina Torres will be around for guest spot.

If you’re counting down to Brolin’s appearance, the wait is a short one. On Feb. 18, the first half of the two-parter will kick off. Actor Dylan Walsh guest stars as an FBI agent investigating a kidnapping. It’s the second hour that will deliver Castle’s father.







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