The Client List Lifetime

Few people can look at Jennifer Love Hewitt and say she isn’t a fine example of sexiness in television. Her starring role on Lifetime’s The Client List has been a highlight in the last year, for reasons that should be obvious for a series about a day spa that gives its customers a little extra work, if you know what I mean. And the way they promote the show is admirable. The Client List is all about sex appeal and there is no better way to sell the new season than to throw Hewitt into a saucy music video and have her dance and sing like she’s got nothing to lose.

The video for “I’m a Woman” can be found down below and shouldn’t surprise anyone with its overly sexualized portrayal of Hewitt. She dances around in practically nothing while men in suits surround her. Is this objectifying? Absolutely, but it sells the show in a way that stays true to its subject matter. If The Client List were about a woman making money as a librarian, then you could reasonably expect something much, much tamer. But we’re trying to sell sex here! There’s no room for beating around the bush and if this video makes you feel at all outraged by it’s content, then you might need to take a deep breath and chill out.

If there’s anything you could say against the “I’m a Woman” video it’s that it fails to mention it’s even promoting The Client List. If you skip past the video title then you’re likely thinking Hewitt decided to make a racy music video just for the hell of it. I don’t care either way, but some might use that as a way to make the show look bad. But really, if you can’t appreciate a smoking hot woman being splashed with water then this probably wasn’t meant for you.