Dexter Showtime

Normally when someone is given series regular status in the final season of a series, I would call that bittersweet. You finally get a big role in a television show, but it’s not going to last long. This is especially true in the case of those recurring actors who receive a promotion in a show’s swan song season. It kind of seems too little too late to me. Thankfully, in the case of Dexter’s Aimee Garcia, the Showtime series’ future is so up in the air that her recent promotion to regular may have a lasting effect should Dexter find itself renewed for a ninth – dare I say even a tenth – season.

The news of Garcia’s bump in status comes from Deadline and shouldn’t come as much of a shock. She’s been recurring on Dexter since Season 6 as Jamie Batista, Dexter’s nanny and Angel Batista’s (David Zayas) younger sister – she looks about 20 years younger, which is perfectly great in my opinion. She’s an attractive asset, even if all she has done on the show is look after Harrison and temporarily date Louis, the world’s biggest creeper. Hopefully making her a regular means she’ll be given more prominence in the storyline of the season. It would be great if she would start to question Dexter’s strange absences, maybe put two and two together regarding the death of LaGuerta. Goodness knows somebody needs to start aggressively suspecting Dexter. Who knows, maybe brother and sister can team up and pin the blame on the man responsible for so much death.

And yes, I’ll say it; I hope they find more ways for her to wear revealing clothing. I’m a warm-blooded male. Bring on your judgments.

Dexter’s eighth season begins production pretty soon so it can drop in the summer, rather than late September when it normally premieres. Recently, Garcia has been recurring on new series Vegas on CBS as well as starring in the upcoming RoboCop reboot.