What has multicolored teeth, an office full of monkeys, twin Zoidbergs and guns that laser their users in the eye? That would be season 8 of the animated series, Futurama. New episodes are coming this summer and today’s trailer reveals Leela putting the beat down on Bender, one hellish slide and, oh yes, Bender blowing chunks…of steel.

Hmm, could that gun bit be a joke about gun control?

Up until 2003 Futurama had run for just 4 seasons. Season 5 kicked off in March of 2008 on Comedy Central. It wasn’t your traditional season at all. Season 5 was made up of four direct-to-DVD movies that the network released later as sixteen 22-minute episodes. Then in 2009, Fox decided to produce twenty-six new episodes of Futurama for Comedy Central. Last year, a 7th season followed.

Things appear to be back on track.

Season 7 ended its first half on August 29 with an episode called “Naturama”. There are about 13 episodes left in the season, but this has caused quite a bit of confusion. A few media hounds are calling these new episodes, hitting this summer, season 8. But other news portals are calling it merely the second half of season 7. Oye.

Either way you slice it, this is great news for fans, who very nearly saw their beloved characters cancelled forever.

What else does the trailer reveal? Well, you can watch it for yourself, but it looks like there are not two Zoidbergs after all. One of them is a shape-shifting monster. But guess who else puts in an appearance. It’s Fry’s dog!

Some highlights from season 7A, if that’s what you want to call it, were “Decision 3012″, which saw Nixon running for the presidency again on Earth and “31st Century Fox”, which boasted guest star Patrick Stewart as the organizer of a robot fox hunt. This of course inspired Bender to campaign for robot fox rights.

It looks like one future episode airing this summer is titled “Game of Tones”. That definitely made me smile.