The Good Wife

Would Alicia Florrick still be The Good Wife without Will Gardner around? Unfortunately, showmakers over at CBS had to ask themselves that very question. Would it be possible at this stage of the game to let actor Josh Charles go? Thankfully, the answer to the question is no.

The champagne worthy new news from the The Good Wife camp is that CBS has successfully concluded contract negotiations with Charles, whose unique four-year deal would have run out in May, reported TV Line.

Josh Charles is Emmy-nominated for his role as Gardner, who sometimes tempts Alicia away from her notorious hubby. The Good Wife has yet to be renewed by CBS for a fifth season but if you think the show has run its course and is ready for the fat lady’s song, then, in that case, I’d like to sell you a certain bridge, too. It’s in Brooklyn.

Now, why is Charles’ deal so unusual? Well, six to seven year commitments are more usual in cases like these. In fact, it’s most likely that all of his co-stars, except Chris Noth, the dear hubby we just mentioned who has his own special arrangement in place, all signed six-year contracts when they first joined the show. That’s pretty awesome since I’m sure no one could know for sure how well-loved The Good Wife would be.

Without the return of Charles, creators Robert and Michelle King would have had to test their mettle, re-planning the remaining Season 4 episodes to make sense as a wind down to Will’s big good-bye. They are pretty good at the job, but I think it’s safe to say a hurdle was cleared.

The first episode of February will hit on the 17th and it is called “Red Team/Blue Team”. When last we checked in with the gang, Alicia was finally offered partnership with the firm. Wow, right? Well, there were some stipulations, unsavory ones at that.