Grey's Anatomy

When you look back over the past eight season finales that Grey’s Anatomy has delivered, does a trend become apparent? Let’s see. There was the plane crash ending season 8. There was the bus accident, the scary mass shooting. What terror could possibly befall the doctors of Seattle Grace when the current 9th season winds down?

Relax. We have good news and a photographic trip down memory lane.

Series creator Shonda Rhimes has said she will give the gigantic disaster scenario a break when season 9 ends. But just because the earth doesn’t open up to swallow anyone doesn’t mean there won’t be emotional perils for our favorites to overcome.

Her exact words were, “I have a general idea of what the finale is going to be, but it’s been evolving as the season progresses. At this moment in time, I would not consider it to be a catastrophe.”

I’m sure you were hoping for some real spoilers. I don’t have any today, but I can tell you that Grey’s Anatomy Season 9, Episode 16 is titled “This Is Why We Fight” and will air on February 21.

Today’s gallery fresh from TV Line will help you hard core fans out there to relive all 8 season enders. You might need some tissues.

Grey's Anatomy

Remember the Season 1 shocker? McDreamy is married!? How dare he have a life before Meredith! Yep, there’s a photo of Addision: the big reveal.

GA 02

How was season 2 for dramatic? Poor Izzie is in tears. Losing someone special will do that to you. As you’ll recall, Izzie fought to get Denny a new heart, but he died anyway. That was also the reason Chris O’Donnell gave Derek a run for his money when it came to Meredith.

GA 03

I’d say getting let at the alter is right up there with an act of God on the crisis meter. Cristina would know. Burke called off their happily ever after at the finish of season 3. George failed his intern exam and Derek and Meredith break up. The horror!

ga 04

I told you tissues might be necessary. Season 4 had a sweet ending. McDreamy showcased the future dream home for himself and Meredith, making a life size blueprint out of candles. Points for creativity, yes?

ga 05

At the end of season 5 death flirts with the doctors some more. George is flattened by a bus and Izzie has a new cancer scare.

I think it was the season 6 gunman who took the Grey’s Anatomy season finales to all new heights.

ga 07

Things got complicated at the end of season 7 with one child aborted and one, called Zola, sinking her way into Meredith and Derek’s hearts.

ga 09

Finally, a plane crash changed many of the doctors forever last season.