The peroxide blonde hair. The dark sunglasses. The sun kissed chest. The leather fingerless gloves of justice. These can all be signs of only one thing. It’s Dog the Bounty Hunter and he’s got some badass do-going to unleash upon the great state of Hawaii when he guest stars on Hawaii-Five-0.

Be on the look out for the March 18 episode of Five-0. It will mark Duane ‘the Dog’ Chapman’s guest starring debut on the series. Dog will be playing himself, reported TV Guide.

Mr. Chapman’s A&E reality series has enjoyed eight seasons of bounty hunting now. CBS’s Hawaii-Five-0 has been in business for 3. Is this a marriage made in TV heaven? Will Dog click with his new co-stars? We’ll find out next month.

Dog won’t be alone traveling to the Aloha State. His real-life wife, Beth, will appear with him. They are a team after all. During the episode, things get nutty when a murdered body falls and landing right on top of Chapman’s SUV. Nice. What could be stranger? Well, the investigation will delve into the world of the roller derby! Roller girls can be very competitive…is murderous a big leap?

The Five-0 team will respond by sending Catherine, acted by Michelle Borth, into the derby in an undercover capacity, naturally. Get ready for some high speed chills and spills. I hope she’s got her knee pads ready.

Hawaii. Dog the Bounty Hunter. Roller skates. Risky undercover work. What’s not to like?

Did you catch the February 4 episode? I’d say it is kind of a big deal when Robocop comes to play. In the episode, titled “Hookman”, actor Peter Weller was a bank robber with a grudge against the police. He exacts deadly vengeance.

Christine Lahti, Sydney Tamiia Poitier and Tom Arnold have also been guest stars this season.