how i met your mother

Actor Kyle MacLachlan is returning to How I Met Your Mother. In other words, the Captain is…wait for it…back!

Back in season 6, Ted experimented with whether a single man and a married woman could be friends. That’s right, when he met Once Upon a Time‘s Jennifer Morrison as Zoey, she was already taken. Her then hubby, now ex, is best known as The Captain. You could do a lot worse when it comes to nicknames, especially with Barney in the mix. He could call you something pretty cruel, right?

The CBS comedy is in it’s 8th season now and the return of the Captain is scheduled for Feb. 18. Details are being kept under lock and key. In fact, the episode title, “The Ashtray”, has very little to offer, but according to the EW scoop, The Captain will reach out to Ted, and Ted will totally freak out about it in a manner that only Ted can achieve.

The Captain’s given name, by the way, is George Van Smoot and his last HIMYM episode was season 6′s “Garbage Island.”

Tonight’s episode is titled “P.S. I Love You”. Barney discovers a music documentary which showcases Robin Sparkles. I can hardly wait. It’s just too bad James Van Der Beek hasn’t been scheduled for another guest appearance. Also in this episode, Marshall and Lily express some concerns about Ted’s new girlfriend. What’s wrong with her? Well, let’s just say the following episode is titled “Bad Crazy”. Nuff said.

Right here on Boomtron we just recently announced that season 9 would be final season of How I Met Your Mother. All your principal actors will return and the mother will finally be revealed.

Kyle MacLachlan is a very recognizable actor. He was Paul Atreides in 1984’s Dune. He played Orson Hodge on ABC’s Desperate Housewives and Trey MacDougal on HBO’s Sex and the City. He starred in Twin Peaks and plays the mayor of Portland in cult comedy, Portlandia.