Intelligence CBS

If there were one man I would want nothing but success for it is Josh Holloway. Known best for the six years he spent playing Sawyer on Lost, Holloway hasn’t had a starring role in a television series since Lost came to an end, which is an absolute crime. Though Holloway may seem like a typical redneck with that accent of his, he is anything but. Often times he was the best actor in any Lost scenes and proved he could bring a powerful emotional performance when it was called for – I’ll likely never forget the moment Sawyer had to say goodbye to Juliet. After three years of doing small parts, Holloway is taking a lead role in the CBS pilot, Intelligence.

Holloway will be playing Gabriel Black who is, according the Hollywood Reporter, a former Navy SEAL and dedicated intelligence officer. Intelligence centers around U.S. Cyber Command, a unit created entirely around a single agent with a microchip implanted in his brain, giving him access to the entire electromagnetic spectrum. It kind of sounds like a more serious take on NBC’s Chuck. Does this mean the agent can visually see various electronic networks or what? How does this technology work? I think it’s a cool concept, certainly, but the details are going to need to make sense for me to get behind it. It won’t matter to some, but I’m less willing to suspend my disbelief when it comes to microchipping human beings. As long as they can make it sound at least kind of believable then I shouldn’t have a problem with anything, especially if accessing these spectrums looks super cool, like how it looked when Alphas’s Gary would access different wavelengths.

Intelligence has Michael Seitzman on board as writer and executive producer. Tripp Vinson and David Semel are also executive producers, with Semel directing the pilot. It’s a co-production between ABC Studios and CBS TV Studios.