Miranda Cosgrove Follows iCarly With NBC’s Girlfriend in a Coma

Girlfriend in a Coma NBC

Now that iCarly is over and done with, Miranda Cosgrove is no doubt in need of a new job – I’m using “need” in a very lose term because, let’s face it, if she knew how to save her money she likely doesn’t need to work for a very long time. But whether or not Cosgrove has money in the bank is not the topic of discussion. What we want to know is what she will be doing next. How do you follow iCarly? By doing something completely different and maybe a little strange, that’s how. Cosgrove has been tapped for a starring role in NBC’s Christina Ricci comedy pilot, Girlfriend in a Coma.

Based on the Douglas Copeland novel of the same name, Girlfriend in a Coma tells the story of a woman (Ricci) who wakes from a coma lasting almost 20 years. More shocking than her sudden recovery is the revelation that she has a 17-year-old daughter she didn’t even know she was pregnant with. Entertainment Weekly reported Cosgrove would be taking on the role of Ricci’s daughter. Forget being weirded out by the all the technological advancements you missed out on, you have a freaking grownup daughter! How does one deal with that? I’m sure that’s part of what the series will delve in to should it be picked up.

I’m unfamiliar with this particular Copeland novel, but having done a little research I discovered this pilot would need some significant changes in order to work as a TV show. For one thing, part of the book takes place during the time the woman is still in her coma, but it sounds like the pilot would need to start with her waking up. There’s also talk of the end of the world – I didn’t delve too deep into what that was all about, but it seemed like a tricky thing to do in a comedy. I can’t see them incorporating the apocalypse right off the bat. That’s like Season 5 material.

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