CBS’s NCIS: LA is spinning-off into the Red. That’s right, the popular series is gearing up for a back-door pilot and we know the name of the newest cast member. It’s John Corbett.

Corbett’s NCIS: Red character is analyst Roy Quaid. A former NCIS special agent, Quaid was forced into retirement and now he works as an analyst. Though his active agent days are behind him, he’s the most experienced investigator working for Red Team and it looks like his is the potential new series’ leading role.

What is the Red Team? This mobile force is comprised of agents who live and work together as they navigate the country solving crimes. Have you noticed how many pilots are making characters life together this year? The Following put three of a serial killer’s acolytes in one house with their kidnappĂ©, for instance. Cohabitation is definitely a breeding ground for conflict and even unexpected romance. I think dozens of reality shows have proven that.

Usually a spin-off works when a cast member hops over to the new series. The same is happening in this case. NCIS: LA‘s Miguel Ferrer will reprise his role when he brings NCIS assistant director Owen Granger to NCIS: Red. We also know Red Dawn‘s Edwin Hodge will play Special Agent Kai, a computer expert from South Central L.A. Kai is being called likeable and smart.

If all goes well the pilot will air this spring.

John Corbett’s recent credits include The Parenthood and United States of Tara. Of course we know him best from Sex and the City, My Big Fat Greek Wedding and Northern Exposure.

As for NCIS: Los Angeles, it is also a spin-off (the spin-off of a spin-off in fact, tracing its roots to JAG). The show its on it’s 4th season. The upcoming Feb. 19 episode is called “History”. There will be terrorists.