NCIS: Los Angeles CBS

Remember hearing talk about a spinoff of NCIS: Los Angeles, itself a spinoff of NCIS, which was a spinoff of JAG? Well not only is that cycle continuing, but today we can happily announce who’s the first to be cast in this new series from NCIS: LA executive producer/showrunner Shane Brennan. This is rather exciting for me as someone who isn’t overly fond of the crime procedural format. It gets big numbers – especially in the case of NCIS – but they all seem so cookie-cutter. But this new series has just enough different about its premise that I am so far intrigued.

But before we talk about the potential format, let’s introduce our first star of what is being called Red. Deadline reported Red Dawn actor Edwin Hodge had been picked up to play Kai Ashe, an incredibly bright, witty and likable technical assistant. This is our tech guy of the series; the go-to for any questions you have on practically anything. But he doesn’t sound like leading man material. He’s seems more like the Hodgins to Bones’ Booth. Interesting fact: Hodge guest starred on an episode of NCIS this past fall, so that means there’s a Kai double ganger somewhere out there in this giant shared universe.

Red is first airing as a back-door pilot on NCIS: LA later this year and will feature a team of agents forced to live together as they move across the country solving crimes. So each episode should have a different flavor to it as they could be in a bustling metropolis in one episode and a small rural community in another. While this might not necessarily mean the crimes they’re solving will be any different than we’ve seen in other procedurals, at least the constant change in locations will give it a fresh feel. Who knows, perhaps the writers will find a way to use these shifts in setting to find unique crimes each week.